Optimize the Cost & Performance of Your Render-Hosted Apps

Optimize the Cost & Performance of Your Render-Hosted Apps

Superior autoscalers for your Ruby, Python, and Node applications by leveraging the Request Queue Time and Job Queue Time backlog metrics.

Free during beta, no credit card required.

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We offer a specialized solution aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of autoscaling Render-hosted applications.

Cost Efficiency

Our autoscalers reduce unnecessary expenses, resulting in significant cost savings for your services.

Quick Response

Our autoscalers swiftly adapt to changes in web traffic and worker volume with a 15-second checkup interval, ensuring optimal performance and cost efficiency.

Superior Scaling

We scale based on request queue time and job queue time, rather than traditional metrics such as CPU and memory, for more accurate and effective instance management.

Easy Integration

Our autoscaling libraries seamlessly integrate with various web frameworks and worker libraries, simplifying the setup process.

Granular Control

Fine-tune your scaling strategy with our user-friendly interface, providing more control over scaling behavior based on your requirements.

Scheduled Scaling

Plan ahead by scheduling instances for your applications at specific times in anticipation of demand or maintenance needs.

Scaling Insights

View charts of historical instance and metric data, as well as logs that provide insights into the reasoning behind scaling decisions.

Notification Alerts

Stay informed with timely notifications of changes in application instance management via email, Slack, and webhooks.

Team Collaboration

Share access to scaling history, behavior details, and configuration with unlimited team seats.

Quick and Easy Integration

Configurations for common Ruby, Python and Node environments.

Autoscale::Agent.configure do
  # Configure the agent to use the Render platform
  platform :render

  # Configure the agent to collect request queue time metrics

  # Configure the agent to collect job queue time metrics
import os
from autoscale_agent import Agent, Configuration
from autoscale_queue_celery import job_queue_time

web = os.environ.get("AUTOSCALE_WEB_TOKEN")
worker = os.environ.get("AUTOSCALE_WORKER_TOKEN")
worker_job_queue_time = lambda: job_queue_time(["celery"])

# Configure the agent to use the Render platform
Agent.configuration = Configuration("render")

# Configure the agent to collect request queue time metrics

# Configure the agent to collect job queue time metrics
Agent.configuration.serve(worker, worker_job_queue_time)

# Integrate the agent with Django
import express from 'express'
import { Agent, autoscale } from '@autoscale/agent-express'
import { jobQueueTime } from '@autoscale/queue-bullmq'

const web = process.env['AUTOSCALE_WEB_TOKEN']
const worker = process.env['AUTOSCALE_WORKER_TOKEN']
const workerJobQueueTime = async () => jobQueueTime(['default'])

// Configure the agent to use the Render platform
const agent = new Agent('render')

// Configure the agent to collect request queue time metrics

// Configure the agent to collect job queue time metrics
agent.serve(worker, workerJobQueueTime)

// Integrate the agent with Express
const app = express()

Integrating Autoscale.app with your existing Ruby, Python, and Node applications is a breeze. We offer libraries for popular web frameworks and worker libraries, including Rails, Django, Express, Sidekiq, Celery, BullMQ, and more.

You can configure the libraries for both web and worker autoscaling, or individually, based on your requirements. Even if you don't have a public-facing web application but still need to autoscale one or more workers, we've got you covered.

Be Part of Our Beta Program

We're excited to introduce the Autoscale.app Beta Program. This is your opportunity to be among the first to test our approach to autoscaling, cost savings, and optimized performance for your Ruby, Python, and Node applications.

As a beta participant, you'll enjoy free access to our service during the beta phase. More importantly, your feedback and suggestions will play a crucial role in shaping our solution. Your experiences will guide us in refining our service to better suit your needs.

To join the Beta Program, simply sign up today. Start experiencing the benefits of seamless scaling for your applications. We look forward to having you on board and hearing your thoughts!

Building on a Decade of Autoscaling Experience with HireFire

As the creators of HireFire, we've been providing trusted autoscaling solutions for Heroku applications for over ten years. We've assisted hundreds of companies in seamlessly scaling thousands of services.

Now, we're introducing Autoscale, a new service specifically designed for Render-hosted applications. Drawing on the same commitment to efficiency and performance that made HireFire successful, Autoscale offers an even more refined autoscaling solution for Render users.